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Visa® Credit / Debit Card

Customers of Interaudi Bank can obtain at no charge a debit card linked to their account, which permits withdrawals at ATMs worldwide (on the Plus and VISA® networks) as well as purchases anywhere in the world VISA® is honored.

Customers Only: Call your account officer at +1 212.833.1000.

[By clicking on the link below you will be re-directed to Visa's® web-site, whose privacy policy may be different from that of Interaudi Bank.]

Click here to find worldwide Visa®/Plus ATMs.

American Express®


Non-resident clients of Interaudi Bank may qualify for the American Express® Program. If you are interested and qualify you can take advantage of the many American Express® benefits and have the Bank pay your bill by debiting your account.

Customers Only: Call your account officer at +1 212.833.1000.

Recent News

  • A new Schedule of Service Charges is effective March 20, 2017. Look for the Schedule with your next account statement.

  • In the coming months you will be receiving a new card from Interaudi Bank incorporating EMV technology to further protect you against the possibility of fraud occurring on your account. The new cards have an embedded computer chip which makes it much more difficult for the card to be copied or ‘cloned’.

    Please click here to learn more about the new cards and their features.
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